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Audra - arrived September, 2012
Our new fur angel has arrived.  Audra was grabbed at about 8 weeks of age by a neighborhood child. When she wasn't "cute enough" anymore, the family threw her out into the street. She kept returning to the yard not understanding at all what the heck had happened. So they (the kids AS WELL AS THE PARENTS) began throwing bottles and cans and rocks at her!! Then more neighborhood kids joined in. Needless to say she is petrified.
Update:  Audra is settling in well, and is now out of the cage.  She is a beautiful angel, who deserves some peace and quiet.
Photo: Introducing Audra...

Handsome Johnny - arrived June, 2012
 Johnny came to us from another rescue organization where he was in a cage for five years.  Johnny cannot see very well, if at all... but now that he can roam free, he doesn't let it hold him back. He may walk into things/other cats, but he doesn't let his disability hold him back from what he wants.  We love it when he follows us and demands attention!
Our Hope ~ arrived June 2, 2012
Sadly, we lost Hope within days of her moving in  with us.  She showed amazing strength and to hear her purr made it all worthwhile.  She was a special cat who had suffered at the hands of humans, but she touched many of us deeply.  She will live in our hearts.  Bless you, Hope.  xxx
For those of you who know me well you know I never exaggerate anyone's condition to get donations, attention, sympathy etc. I never have nor will I ever!
This is our newest little girl who I have named Hope. She is six years old and weighs a little over TWO pounds!! That is an average weight for a two month old, not a six year old!
She appears to have multiple medical issues.
In well over twenty years of rescue I have NEVER seen anything like this. I am not going to give my opinion as to how she came to be in this condition at this time, for numerous reasons. I love her dearly and have only known her for 2 hours.  She has been failed by EVERY human...until today. Some would say why are you doing this?? She is so critical and ill. My response is WHY DIDN'T SOMEONE ELSE DO SOMETHING?  She needs many things, but most of all right now she needs prayers if you are a Christian, thoughts of strength if you are not, and of course donations in any amount are very welcomed! We have paypal on our home page...www.hope-alliance.org.
Thank you to everyone and I promise to post daily updates on our Facebook page so please check there.
Tiny Hope needs a miracle, I believe in miracles.
Natalia ~ She arrived last weekend, beginning of August, 2011.  She comes to us from another rescue organization who felt that she would benefit from some extra TLC.  She has spent most of her life living in a basement with no windows and very limited light.  She is very traumatized and will probably need to see an eye specialist.  She is settling in well, though reluctant to eat.

Our latest arrival is Maya, who arrived from New York almost two weeks ago (June, 2011).  She recently had some tumors removed and is very thin.  She has settled in well and is enjoying the peace and quiet of her new  home.
Sadly... Maya, after months of fighting, finally lost her battle with her health... We are very glad that she was able to spend her final year + with us, and we enjoyed her company immensely.   Miss you Maya.xxx
 Brenda also came to us from New York.  She has a skin condition which requires special treatment.  She is in need of a home either as the only cat or with a couple of friends.
ADOPTED APRIL, 2011:  Brenda has a new home!

 Adopted: Lucy has a home! FEBRUARY, 2011
Our latest arrival is Lucy, the kitten, who joined us in
December, 2010. Lucy has brain-damage and her back legs do not function normally. Her mother had Distemper and passed it on to her. She was the only surviving kitten from her litter. She is an absolute sweetheart and thinks she can do whatever the other cats do!


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