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Meet Dr. O.


Dr Efren Osorio, our Veterinarian and Friend - affectionately known as "Dr. O."
Veterinary Associates of North Branford is a very busy place 6 days a week!

Long after the scheduled “closing time” you will very often find both Dr Osorio and his dedicated staff of Lisa and Erica still there helping anyone who may need care.

I began going to the office when it was the practice of Dr Allan Hart many years ago. He was a wonderful man, known throughout the world for his extraordinary knowledge. When he became ill with cancer, he sought to find someone who could continue the practice. He was guided to Dr Efren Osorio. Initially I thought “oh no, I will NEVER get used to anyone new!”  Was I ever wrong on that one!
From my initial visit, he made me feel comfortable and respected and showed incredible patience with me as well as (and most importantly,) with each cat that I brought in. We are never quite sure from week to week when you are involved in special needs rescue just who we may come across or what their condition might be. Throughout the years I have brought in many unique cases which he has sometimes been amazed by, sometimes saddened by.
Each cat is treated with respect and kindness and even some stern words from Lisa his vet tech when they are needed!  His compassion and dedication are beyond what anyone could ever hope for.  We have shared tears of sadness when someone leaves to go to Heaven; we have shared moments of joy when someone makes an amazing recovery.
I have always said that I believe there are angels who walk among us sent to help us through this journey we call life.  Several years ago, I discovered his middle name is ANGEL. I think it fits him perfectly.